With Spider-Man’s triumphant arrival to the Marvel Cinematic fold that has fans cheering, too the end credits double-take of our favorite martini drinking, bad attitude duck at the end of “Guardians of the Galaxy” last summer, may inspire many a fan too wonder what could perhaps be in store for the two classic characters at there local movieplex in the not-to-distant future . .

But why these two you say?  Well, other than there very recent present’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late, the duo have had quite a marvelous relationship since the 1970’s, sharing a similar style & humor, appearing in each others comic runs, cartoons and strips, quite effortlessly up to today, with the amazing one usually swinging in and saving Howard from getting squashed any way he can.

Now with the upcoming blockbuster sequel, Captain America: Civil War starting the team-up’s in the movies, seeing different Marvel heroes come together & buddy-up is sure to become more & more common place. So putting these two ultra popular & off-the-wall characters in a movie down the road seems like it might be a fun leap for the ever expanding & daring studio.


If it’s one thing that Marvel has shown everyone since there 2008 arrival as the studio to top, it’s there fearless & long-term vision when it comes to putting there beloved properties on the big screen. There ability to dip into whimsy & have fun with there characters has also been hailed as a strong suit by fans and critics alike. As movie-lovers have very little to fear and more to be excited about if the wacky team-up should ever materialize on the silver screen.

It’s of course very doubtful that this would happen right away as the studio just acquired the shared rights to Spider-Man from Sony Pictures after a long struggle in the 2000’s. As of this writing, the wall-crawler’s official debut isn’t even until Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, so The Marvel Company has plenty of time to lay out plans for the famous duo that will most likely equal other film outings before risking an even more out-there team-up for Phase 5, 6 or even 7 and beyond.

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Keep in mind that this is just simply the opinions of the author and in no way a fact, but if one could do there best and try to read between many of the lines, we at CinemaZone would say that it’s certainly a great possibility and a big reason too be excited about going too the movies in the years to come. Thanks for stopping bye . . .

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