Does Walt Disney Studio and the Star Wars Saga Still Need George Lucas?


Very recently in the fan community, there seems to be a sudden outcry by some, for the author and creator of all thing Star Wars for the past forty years and recently retired, Mr. George Lucas, to return once again to the folds of his beloved universe ( in different capacity’s according to the fan asked ) and even an odd call to direct one of the series future installments. Although, quite funny enough at first glance, this does very much seem like a complete turn around – reversal, from how many felt in the late 90’s. But all jokes put aside for the moment, would this ever be a good idea, let’s talk about it and you decide . .

In the past several years, the famed director & producer has admitted that one of the problems with his somewhat more recent Prequel Adventures, was in fact, the task of writing it. Although much of those films are meant to be very 1930’s and hokum in nature, George admits that his strength is not in his writing abilities, as he had a hard time showing deep emotion and nuance in the screenplay, as well as trying to write for, & get great performances from younger children, as in one of it’s past installments.

“Showing how much Anakin & Padm’e deeply care for each other is one of my weak points. I’m so in love with you that I’d do anything and sacrifice it all & make that real & stick it in two minutes. I can’t go to deep in the psyche of these people beyond a stylistic reality I’ve created for myself. So it’s my own fault really.”   –  George Lucas


In retrospect, there are some who felt that the main problem with the prequel installments in general, wasn’t just the scripts themselves, but in the fact that George tried to tackle too much. As the large task of witting, directing, producing and generally ramping up his award winning effect’s house ILM, too bring an entirely new set of massive Star Wars motion pictures to the big screen with slightly less of a collaborative nature then had been done in the past was certainly a daunting one, and stretched the filmmaker a bit thin, as evidence by some of the behind the scenes footage & many of the weak spots in the movie’s themselves.

Although too be fair, there are quite a lot of fans who genuinely enjoy various elements of the prequel adventures warts and all, as there are many around the globe who look at his last installment  –  Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith as more of an upwards success & general return to form cinematically in the space saga, but yet might still come to wonder what the classic San Francisco filmmaker could really do with a higher-level screenwriter and much less on his plate for any future endeavor’s with the ongoing series.


“Yeah, . . . the Sequel Trilogy is about the children of Luke and Leia, but there grown up now and much older, in there early to mid 20’s, you know. So don’t worry, it’s not the Phantom Menace movie all over again.”  –  George Lucas

Certainly many fans would agree that when it comes to being an idea man, creative consultant and general guide for all thing Star Wars, there is no one better suited too that particular task, and is certainly a big part of what has made the classic space fantasy such an enduring franchise in the overall staple of pop culture in years past.

As the leadership at Walt Disney Studio’s would certainly come amiss not too listen to the overall advice and vision of the series original creator, a lot like the much closer-nit relationship between Paramount Pictures and beloved Star trek mastermind, Gene Rodenberry, while they still had him around.


“One of the things that not many people know, is that R2D2 is not only the hero of the movies, but the record’s keeper of the entire Star Wars Saga, as he recounts the whole thing to the Keeper of the Whills, over one hundred years after Return of the Jedi.”  – George Lucas

Recently, some fans have voiced there complaint’s when Disney’s newest installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened last month, despite it’s massive success and general positive reviews, according to certain fans here and there, felt a bit rehashed at times & lacked some of the original charm, scale, and intricate knowledge of the past saga that George Lucas brings.

Another negative bit of criticism of the film by some, has also been the lack of composer John Williams presence in the film, as his stunning themes and overall music that has come to drive the outer space saga since it’s original conception, seemed much less powerful & showcased in Disney’s latest installment as in previous episodes before.

“They ( Disney ) wanted to do a retro movie. I don’t really like that. Every movie, I work very hard to make them completely different from one another creatively, with different planets, with different spaceships, characters, make it completely new.”  –  George Lucas


So should in fact, the Walt Disney mouse house ask for George Lucas’ helping hand in molding the future of the series, while they can still get it? Would you like to see ole George return in some type capacity, or perhaps even to direct a lone Star Wars film or another type project with Disney? Or should the former director and creator stay far, far away from that galaxy of long ago. Please feel free to comment and share, and thanks so much for stopping by to see us again . . .


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