Director Matt Reeves Returns To The Batman!


Well, here we are again folks it seems. In more crazy Batman news this month, it’s being reported that Mr. Matt Reeves- who at one point was the director that Warner Bros. Studio was looking at most prominently too take over after Ben Affleck stepped down from the project, has now returned and officially signed on after stepping away from the project over a week ago himself. So hopefully you got all that, cause it was exhausting to write . .

Even though this head spin of a story makes many people quite dizzy, this is actually somewhat common place in crazy ole Hollywood. Directors and teams leaves projects, others come in only too have there script or direction not work and then leave themselves.


This is certainly nothing new at all to Warner Studio’s, as they have endured many a false start or a falling out, when it came to their Batman and Superman franchises over the years, including very recently. Now adding to those Flash, Wonder Woman and Aqua-Man all having a lot of trouble in there respective productions and multiple directors . . .

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Could The Batman Be In Trouble?


Well it’s certainly been quite a month for Batman fans. First we got the news that Ben Affleck was still not happy with the script and the film had been pushed back from it’s original release date of 2018. Then we got the news that Affleck has officially stepped down from the directors chair, which in turn sparked more controversy and speculation about the state of the DC Film Division at present . .

In the wake of all that, it was then revealed that 39 year old Matt Reeves ( Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes ) is on the shortlist as the next director on the project. Although nothing has been set in stone just as yet and Warner’s is still looking to other bigger names as well.

Now according to the latest rumor mill coming from our friend ~( ComicBookCast2 )~ Ben Affleck actually wants out altogether on the Batman project and the DCU. Now this report claims it comes from three distinct insider sources on the film, but as always should be taken with a large grain of salt.


Where this latest rumor does gain some traction, is that for months now we’ve been hearing of a downward spiral where Affleck hasn’t been very happy with what the studio wants of him and has seemed visibly irritated when talking about the project, especially after his latest Warner’s film bombed at theaters. So only time will tell if this rumor holds any truth for the on & off production . . .

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