Disney’s Scrapped Boba Fett Film Had a Secret Teaser Trailer!


It seems the big news of the day is that there is now a known Boba Fett teaser trailer from Josh Trank’s completely shelved Boba Fett feature film from Lucasfilm Disney. Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Lucasfilm prepped the teaser and was planning to show it at Star Wars Celebration last year in order to officially announce the upcoming movie to fans . . .

This is actually how close the film was to being a real thing. Unfortunately, after the fallout from the poor performance of Fantastic Four and reported behind-the-scenes drama related to Josh Trank, he left the project. The director still claims it was for personal reasons, but there were many other reports that say he was fired. Either way, the Boba Fett movie was inches away from actual screen reality.

“It came so close to being officially announced, Lucasfilm even prepped a big teaser reel to show at Star Wars Celebration in spring of 2015, sources tell Entertainment Weekly. At the last minute, the split with Mr.Trank totally backburnered the whole project.”


What this unreleased teaser trailer consists of is anyone’s guess at this point. Is there actual shot film footage or just a vague space-like preview. More importantly for fans is the question of will we ever get to see this shelved teaser? Anything is possible, but given the secret nature of Disney, it’s highly doubted. But rest assure Boba Fett will indeed hit movie screen’s one day in our near future . .

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