The 20th Anniversary: Things You May Not Know About 1996’s “the Phantom”


Over 20 years ago in the summer of 96 there was a fun, little adventure film that made it’s way across silver screen’s about a odd looking jungle man in a purple outfit from the golden age of cinema, who fights for the good of the world and protection of his island home called “the Phantom”.

Although it somewhat failed to completely resonate with a fickle, midish-nineties audience unlike many other moderate too successful period-piece style, comic book films of the day, such as Dick Tracy, the Shadow, the Rocketeer, Tim Burton’s Batman films and the box office smash: Mask of Zorro two years later, among many of the flaws in it’s crafting as a film, it still none the less captured the fun & imagination’s of many young boys and girls of that time, introduced them to a very charming pulp hero from the 1930’s and achieved a sort of cult-like status in the realm of popular culture.

Now on it’s big 20th birthday, test your trivia knowledge as Cinemazone looks back at some fun things you might or might not know about 1996’s “the Phantom”. . .space bar

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