Could The Force Awakens’ Maz Kanata Be A Phantom Menace Easter Egg?

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Now if you haven’t seen Disney’s newest entry in the series, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then you should definitely turn away now. You still there? Well then okay. So it seems that many talented Star Wars fans have recently found a particular moment in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, where there is a shelf-sized statuette in the likeness of the new Force Awakens character Maz Kanata, played by Lupita Nyong’o. As many wild theory’s go in the Star Wars universe, particularly right now, it’s actually some worthwhile guesswork & quite entertaining for the moment, if only for the fun need to fill the in the gap of the post-Force Awakens timeline. So let’s take a look and you decide . .

There’s a lighthearted & playful moment in the Phantom Menace when young Anakin brings Padme and Qui-Gon back to his Hutt during a bad sandstorm on Tatooine. He proceeds to spirit Padme off to his room to show her his robot ( relax guys, he’s just a kid in this movie, no funny business yet ). Then a moment later, R2D2 rolls into the youngster’s room to provide some much needed chaperoning, and what does the droid in fact pass by on his way?


If the above picture isn’t working to well for ya, let us describe the object in question: A small statue alien with an extra-large head ( exact same shape ), with two eye sockets that resemble goggles, and a elongated neck with similar garb. Now in The Force Awakens we meet Maz Kanata in her shrine & general establishment. Han Solo takes Rey and Finn there to find out where the Resistance is, so they can help find Luke Skywalker. We learn Maz Kanata is something like 1,000 years old, definitely old enough to have been aware of the legend of Anakin Skwalker and the Jedi of old, if not part of it in some way. Let us also not forget, she’s the one who has Luke’s family lightsaber in her storage containers.

But could this figurine in The Phantom Menace really mean anything at all? Recycled Star Wars concept art is certainly not unheard of in the saga, and then there’s the fact that her temple is laced with flags from many planets of that particular era, & it does raise one’s eyebrow a bit.


Another fun thing to note, is that we see her wearing racing type goggles most of the time, ( for no reason that we know of ) much like a desert pod-racer on Tatooine. Might she in fact be a Tatooine desert racer? Perhaps an ancient champion long before the likes of young Skywalker?

So in the end here, we speculate that not only it is entirely possible that Maz Kanata was at the very least modeled after an unused design from an earlier movie, but in fact could have an interesting back story pertaining to it. Unfortunately, until her official past is revealed, it’s anyone’s guess right now . . .

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