Joss Whedon Teases Epic Finale To Avengers: Age of Ultron!

HEADER - Trasnsparent space barWith Age of Ultron just months away, director Joss Whedon teased a number of new details in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, including his attempt to spoil the “unhinged climax,” the possibility of an Avenger romance & details about how the new characters fit into the story. While the filmmaker didn’t necessarily intend for the sequel to be larger than its predecessor, Whedon explains that is exactly what happened . . .

“Avengers: Age of Ultron got larger than the first film. I didn’t mean for it to get larger, but the climax that I pitched was completely unhinged and nobody said no, so that’s that.”


There have been rumors that sequel ends with a new team of Avengers leading into the first Phase Three. The movie does introduce Quicksilver ( Aaron Taylor-Johnson ) and Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen ), whom the director claims were needed in this sequel, while also confirming that hundreds of Ultrons will appear in the Avengers’ massive final battle.

“I knew before I made the first film that Ultron needed be in the second one, along with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as well.”

“I approach a story by thinking what I need to see? You know they fight Ultron. You know Ultron tens to build hundreds of Ultrons. So that’s going to lead you in a certain direction, but the hard work is making sure everyone feels serviced and integrated.”


“The biggest thing for me is going deeper with the characters. The troupe I had from the first movie is so amazing that I want to get in their heads, and this movie lets me do that in a way I couldn’t in the first one. Now that people accept the reality where Thor, Iron Man and all these guys hang out, I can bend that reality.

I’ve got Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch and they have very different ways of looking at the world, the Avengers and different powers. So we can go to a place that we didn’t have access to the first time.”

He also adds that the sequel is largely an adventure film, but it also combines elements of action, western war, horror and romance as well.

“To me, adventure film is the best way to put it. Then science fiction, action, western, war, woman’s picture, horror movie. I’m not kidding; every single one of those things is in there.”

The director adds that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, “have a great deal to do” in the film, while Ruffalo teased that Bruce Banner may be “finding love at some point.” You may recall there was a scene in the trailer where both Hulk and Black Widow had a moment, which some believe will lead to a possible romance.


“The whole movie is a process of changing everything and keeping everything the same. You want to hit all the things that made people love the first movie, but you also want to make something new or why are you here. I don’t want to make The Avengers again. With the ending it was important for me that we felt a progression. We didn’t just feel, no problem, we cleaned that up! because that’s an episode of television. That’s not a film. This film, there’s more at stake and we take that seriously.” space bar Alternate Header - Transparent


Actor Mark Ruffalo Talks More About Hulk’s Future Possibilities!

transparent_space-2000-000000Thanks to an ever-increasingly believable blend of evolving CGI and motion capture performance, the Incredible Hulk went from being a very unsure & problematic standalone property, to one of Marvel Studio’s most valuable assets, both now and possibly even more in the future too come . .

Despite ongoing rumors that Marvel & Disney were planning a Hulk solo movie for Phase 3, the studio seems to be debuting a sleuth of new properties, such as Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel & many others, with Hulk still nowhere in sight. So based on the current Marvel production slate, the earliest movie would be 2020 at the very least it seems, according to the actor himself, Mr. Mark Ruffalo.


Here’s a summary of Mark Ruffalo’s recent interview with Empire:

“It won’t be soon. You’re basically watching a guy who doesn’t want to do the very thing that you want him to do. It’s hard to take for two hours. I don’t know how many times you can use that same framing for it, but now he’s maturing and there’s a cool dynamic growing between Banner and The Hulk. The CGI is so much better too. The stuff we can do now, you can do a real performance. It’s really exciting”


“He’s definitely worried that the day is going come when the Hulk gets the best of him, and maybe won’t release him, as the Hulk knows this too. Who knows where these things will go, but as Bruce is able to impress his will on the Hulk, the Hulk’s will is also growing even more inside Bruce. We’re laying the groundwork for that.”

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With Spider-Man’s triumphant arrival to the Marvel Cinematic fold that has fans cheering, too the end credits double-take of our favorite martini drinking, bad attitude duck at the end of “Guardians of the Galaxy” last summer, may inspire many a fan too wonder what could perhaps be in store for the two classic characters at there local movieplex in the not-to-distant future . .

But why these two you say?  Well, other than there very recent present’s in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of late, the duo have had quite a marvelous relationship since the 1970’s, sharing a similar style & humor, appearing in each others comic runs, cartoons and strips, quite effortlessly up to today, with the amazing one usually swinging in and saving Howard from getting squashed any way he can.

Now with the upcoming blockbuster sequel, Captain America: Civil War starting the team-up’s in the movies, seeing different Marvel heroes come together & buddy-up is sure to become more & more common place. So putting these two ultra popular & off-the-wall characters in a movie down the road seems like it might be a fun leap for the ever expanding & daring studio.


If it’s one thing that Marvel has shown everyone since there 2008 arrival as the studio to top, it’s there fearless & long-term vision when it comes to putting there beloved properties on the big screen. There ability to dip into whimsy & have fun with there characters has also been hailed as a strong suit by fans and critics alike. As movie-lovers have very little to fear and more to be excited about if the wacky team-up should ever materialize on the silver screen.

It’s of course very doubtful that this would happen right away as the studio just acquired the shared rights to Spider-Man from Sony Pictures after a long struggle in the 2000’s. As of this writing, the wall-crawler’s official debut isn’t even until Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, so The Marvel Company has plenty of time to lay out plans for the famous duo that will most likely equal other film outings before risking an even more out-there team-up for Phase 5, 6 or even 7 and beyond.

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Keep in mind that this is just simply the opinions of the author and in no way a fact, but if one could do there best and try to read between many of the lines, we at CinemaZone would say that it’s certainly a great possibility and a big reason too be excited about going too the movies in the years to come. Thanks for stopping bye . . .

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